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Turning to outdoor fitness for fighting obesity is one of the best things you can do whether you are obese or not. Many people don’t really worry about obesity until they’re actually faced with the problem and already carrying too much weight. Fighting obesity is as important as doing your best to fight off any other unwanted things from disease to misery, because just like these things, obesity is something that can happy to anyone regardless of age.

Obesity has become a huge problem throughout many parts of the world, with the US and Canada being the places with the highest population of overweight people. This is a result of several factors which include poor food choices, ridiculously large portions, lack of knowledge and a population that doesn’t move enough. A lot of this stems from our stressful and busy lifestyles which are often used as excuses for not getting enough exercise. Then there are those who feel that they can’t afford to exercise because of the cost of gyms and other fitness programs. That’s where using outdoor fitness for fighting obesity comes in. Incorporating outdoor fitness into your lifesatyle is simple, fun and best of all, free! Fitness doesn’t have to mean expensive gym memberships or workout equipment when you can enjoy things like walking, running, biking, swimming and more in the most scenic gym of them all—nature!

Outdoor fitness for fighting obesity works because it’s easier to fit into your schedule than a gym or class because, well, it’s always open and ready when you are. Getting outdoors also means having a variety of activities to choose from as well as a change of scenery to help keep things interesting and new. You can turn your visit to the grocery store into an outdoor workout by walking instead of driving. Or take your dog for longer and faster walks which you’ll both enjoy! Take advantage of warm weather by visiting a public pool or beach and enjoying a swim. A walk on the sand offers great resistance for harder, but very enjoyable workout. You can even take to the backyard or local Park and do some yoga. The options for using outdoor exercise to fight obesity are endless!

One of the keys to sticking to a fitness plan is to choose activities that you love and add some variety to mix things up and keep it interesting. Outdoor fitness does just that and more. For those who “hate exercise”, outdoor fitness for fighting obesity means being able to reap the many benefits of physical activity without feeling like you’re exercising but rather just out enjoying the outdoors. And, you don’t need to be an “outdoorsy” person to enjoy hiking, canoeing, walking or any of the other outdoor activities you can choose from. If you wear comfortable enough shoes you a even turn an afternoon of window shopping into part of your plan for using outdoor fitness for fighting obesity! And, if you take a friend or loved one you can be doing something great for the both of you while also having a lot of fun.