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Over 45

Think you’re too old to go out to play? Well you’re wrong! This article is going to tell you all about outdoor fitness for over 45 so that you can get out to play and frolic in the great outdoors while also working your body and getting healthy at the same time. Getting fit isn’t about being tied to the treadmill or following a fad diet or workout DVD; it’s about finding activities that you enjoy so that you want to keep doing them.

As we get older and busier, being able to multitask and get as much done as quickly as possible is what it’s all about. We’re living in a world where people are eating breakfast while they drive or having conference calls while doing the laundry! This leaves us little, if any, time for exercise and looking after ourselves which is why outdoor fitness for over 45 is a must. Getting outside for some physical activity isn’t only about dropping a few pounds or toning up. It’s about getting out into the open air and enjoying the sunshine, the trees and a change of scenery as much as it is about improving your fitness. Being outside allows you a freedom when it comes to fitness that you won’t find any place else. A little time spent outside can rejuvenate you in a way that a run on the treadmill never could and it can add bounce to your step on a beautiful day. The outdoors is always open no matter what your schedule so you can always count on it to be there for you when you need a walk or a run or a ride on your bike.

We all know that fitness is important for our physical health. And, most people have heard at one point or another that fitness is also important for our mental health and well being. What a lot of people still don’t know is that heading outdoors for fitness—over45 and otherwise—is the best way to get the vitamin D that we need. The sun is what gives our body vitamin D. And, getting enough vitamin D has been proven to be linked to decreasing our risk of some cancers, as has regular exercise. By combining both fitness and the outdoors we are killing several birds with one stone, so to speak. How’s that for multitasking! By participating in outdoor activities we can improve the way we look and feel and literally add years to our lives. All of this for simply getting outside and having some fun!

Outdoor fitness for over 45 doesn’t have to be dull or boring either. You can pretty much get out there and do anything that you want as long as it gets you moving. You can take an outdoor boot camp fitness class or join a walking or running group so that you can meet new people while getting fit. Or, if you’ve been so busy that you’ve hardly seen your family or friends, why not spend time at the park playing ball together? And if fun is what you’re after, then get outside and skip, run or dance! No one is stopping you but you!










































































































































































































































































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