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Outdoor fitness for seniors is something that we’re hearing about more and more and it’s about time when you consider the many benefits of not only being active but also getting outdoors. Regardless of a senior’s level of fitness, finding some sort of activity that you can participate in comfortably is possible with a little thought.

Too often people associate fitness with strenuous exercise or time spent in a gym when really, fitness is any activity that helps to get you moving. Fitness is not limited to those in incredible physical shape, nor is it something that is only necessary for the overweight who are trying to slim down. Everyone, regardless of age or size, needs to have a certain level of fitness in order to be healthy and this goes for seniors as well. The benefits of physical activity are: reduced stress and anxiety levels, a healthier body weight, improved circulation and mobility, increased energy levels and better heart health. Being outside has its benefits too and includes: reduced risk of anxiety and depression as well as a lowered risk of cancer and other ailments due to a lack of vitamin D. Getting out in the sun isn’t about bronzing yourself! The sun helps our body to get the vitamin D it needs to stay healthy and it also helps to improve our mood which benefits our overall health in many ways. So imagine how good it is for us to combine both fitness and the outdoors!

If you’re interested in reaping those benefits and want ideas on outdoor fitness for seniors then you are in luck because we have compiled a list of activities that can be enjoyed outside by people with varying fitness levels. We have included activities that can be enjoyed alone as well as those that can be enjoyed as a group so that you can have the best of both worlds. Here are a few suggestions for those interested in outdoor fitness for seniors:

Walking: This can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime and done at a pace that works for you. Kick up your speed or head to a hilly area for a more challenging workout. Do it alone, with a pet, loved ones or even a local senior’s walking group.

Biking: Most cities now offer bike paths so that you can enjoy a leisurely bike ride without having to worry about traffic. Be sure to wear a helmet and, if your balance isn’t what it used to be then consider a 3-wheeler for adults.

Lawn Bowling: What’s better than enjoying bowling and nature at the same time? Local groups are easy to find during the summer months or in warmer climates. Or, you could always start your own team.

Canoeing: This is one of the most beautiful ways to enjoy the outdoors while also getting a workout. Just be sure to wear a life jacket! Safety first!

Snowshoeing: You don’t need to hibernate just because it’s cold out! Buy your own shoes or rent them at a resort or community centre and then head to the local park or trails for a relaxing day of snowshoeing.

Outdoor fitness for seniors really can be easy and enjoyable!