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It’s known that women tend to put others before themselves. Whether it be the kids and family, work responsibilities, or anything else; women often feel that they have to sacrifice time spent doing something for themselves in place of others. Not taking the time to take care of yourself impacts your health as well as your state of mind which can in turn wreak havoc in various aspects of your life. Learning to incorporate fitness into your life is a must no matter how busy you are. It may seem impossible but there are ways to do it and it’s easier than you think if you set your sights on outdoor fitness for women.

For women who are really always on the go and unable to set aside more time for fitness, one great option is to combine some sort of activity with something that you’re already doing anyway; like walking the dog for instance. Fido needs to be walked no matter what and that’s something that you just do every day without a second thought, right? Well if you kick up the pace so that 20 minute walk takes you farther and gets the heart pumping, then you’ve just managed to squeeze in some exercise without having to sacrifice any of the other things on your agenda. Same goes for walking the kids to school, walking instead of driving to the store, etc. And, it’s not about getting yourself to a gym so much as taking advantage of all of the things a little time spent outdoors can offer aside from a fitness, such as fresh air, time to unwind and some much needed vitamin D from the sun, which is also good for your overall mood.

There has also been a noted trend in fitness lately with a focus on outdoor fitness for women which has resulted in things like exercise boot camps for women and much more. Boot camps are programs geared to get women outdoors and working out hard. They’re offered through gyms and other fitness facilities but, instead of meeting at the gym for your workout, you instead meet at a local park where a trainer takes you and other women through a series of exercises and running—all in the great outdoors! The great thing about this idea is that it’s one that you can easily steal. By this I mean getting together a group of your female friends or colleagues who would also be up for enjoying a little outdoor fitness for women only. You can meet at a time and place that’s convenient and head out on a long walk or hike. It’s not just a fun way to get in your exercise so that you don’t even feel like you’re exercising but, it’s also a good way to bond and help spend some much needed time with friends who you may not have much time to see otherwise. You can enjoy great conversation and a good work out which will inevitably lead to feeling rejuvenated and happy. It’s a win-win combination for everyone!