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Photos of senior citizens using outdoor exercise equipment

Greenfields Accessible Fitness

Greenfields' unique ADA-Accessible Product Line (U.S. Patent No. 9,079,069) includes seven units that target the biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back, and core. Now even those in wheelchairs can enjoy working out at Greenfields’ fitness zones. Demonstrate your commitment to health and fitness for all with these fantastic new additions.

Wheelchair Accessible Line
Product Image
Accessible Tai Chi Spinners
Product Image
Accessible Butterfly
Product Image
Accessible Vertical Press
Product Image
Accessible Lat Pull Down
Product Image
Accessible Chest Press
Product Image
Accessible Lat & Vertical
Product Image
Accessible Reverse Fly

LARGE OUTDOOR GYM - 33 users on 14 units  Learn more
MEDIUM OUTDOOR GYM - 25 users on 9 units  Learn more
SMALL OUTDOOR GYM - 14 users on 6 units  Learn more
ACCESSIBLE OUTDOOR GYM - 8 users on 5 units  Learn more
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See how Greenfields Accessible units can enhance your outdoor gym and make fitness
available to an even broader demographic:


Large Outdoor Gym - 33 users on 14 units  Learn more

Medium Outdoor Gym - 25 users on 9 units  Learn more

Small Outdoor Gym - 14 users on 6 units  Learn more

Accessible Outdoor Gym - 8 users on 5 units  Learn more


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