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“Your equipment will revolutionize the outdoor fitness industry. People from all walks of life can benefit from using the equipment. It's fun to work out the great outdoors and friendships and camaraderie are another by-product of the interactions of these sport parks.” -- Greg Johnson, Community Services & Recreation Director, City of Westminster

“I love these outdoor fitness machines. It's like a dream come do not need to go to the gym anymore. Everything you need is right there. Thanks to the city of Costa Mesa.” -- Mia, Local Resident (Costa Mesa, CA)

“Greenfields Outdoor Fitness exercise machines uses only 20% of the body weight, so anyone can use them. However, it's quite easy to increase the resistance by slowing down execution, controlling the range of motion, and increasing the number of reps.” -- Mike Dunchak, Martial Arts Instructor (Costa Mesa, CA)

“The outdoor equipment right next to my house provides a great break from work without the need to get in the car and drive to the gym. The variety of machines gives me a complete and overall workout.” -- Nitra Rar, Graphic Designer (Irvine, CA)

“This new exercise park is an excellent ideal for this community, and it may save lives. If you are an ordinary person, this gives you a chance to get a real workout." -- Dr. Paul Guth, Local Resident (Los Angeles, CA)

“This outdoor gym is the best thing that happened to Los Angeles for quite some time. I've lived in LA for 30 years, and I have never been to the gym before. Sine I started coming to Sycamore Grove Park 2-3 times a week to workout I feel a lot better, I have more energy and my back pain is gone.” -- Roberto Meca, Local Resident (Los Angeles, CA)